Why New Coaches Need To Focus On This One Thing

Why New Coaches Need To Focus On This One Thing

Dear Friend

I’m about to reveal the ONE THING you should be focused on if you are starting a new coaching business.

Getting this right will give you:

  • control over your own destiny
  • freedom from being bound by the algorithms on Facebook, Youtube, and other social media platforms
  • the ability to turn words into cash, at will

Sound exciting?

So why isn’t every coach focused on THIS method?

What I’m talking about is EMAIL MARKETING, specifically building a LIST of people interested in your coaching programs.

Think about it:

Your Facebook or Instagram page can go down the toilet any day if the platform decides so.

Even search rankings can go down the tube at random.

One week you’re on the front page, the next, you are buried on page 20. Such is the volatility of these digital marketing platforms.

An email list, however, is a whole different story.

You choose when to communicate, and what to say.

No one charges you any money to “rank” higher.

As a marketing platform, email beats out just about everything else you can do online, with the exception of webinars or other high-touch interactions.

So what are you doing to build your list?


The Billionaire Mindset Coach, & Copywriter For Coaches

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