How To Teach Yourself JavaScript And Get A Coding Job

How To Teach Yourself JavaScript And Get A Coding Job

When I first got into tech, JavaScript was one of the languages I learned early on.

I had taken a Python programming course, and before that, I think I had dabbled in Pascal or Visual Basic for a school class.

The Python class was my real first hands-on coding class where I spent significant amounts of time poring over code and trying to get the machine to speak.

A Reintroduction to Programming

When I was looking for my first real job in the tech world, I decided to get more in-depth with my coding skills by learning the easy-looking JavaScript programming languages.

A friend of mine, a very accomplished mathematics professor, told me, “You should learn Java, then that will make learning C++ easy, and on you go.”

As fool-hardy as I was, I probably wanted to dive straight into C++, but everything just looked so daunting.

That’s one of the challenges of getting into software engineering. The tech can look so daunting.

JavaScript Simplifies Everything

As it turned out, I learned JavaScript instead of Java or C++.

Later on, I did get my first programming job, but not before I learned Java and C# .NET, and, probably took a look at C++.

The work I was doing was enterprise-type software where languages like C#, Java, and C++ reign supreme.

If you just want to do web development, then you hardly need those crazy old languages.

JavaScript simplifies everything and it’s more fun.

The Best Way To Learn

If you’re serious about getting a job as a software engineer, then I suggest you get yourself a beginner’s book, any beginner’s book, on programming web apps with JavaScript.

Books tend to cover the nuances that simple online tutorials do not have.

And in the long run, someone who has labored through a book successfully will have the stamina to learn just about any tech you throw at them!

About Ten Mutunhire and Programming Renegades

Ten Mutunhire, founder of Programming Renegades, is a Machine Learning and Fullstack Node.js Developer. Programming Renegades is the world’s first software development agency to be offered by complete Programming Renegades. We use JavaScript and Python almost exclusively, and we focus on web apps (no mobile) and machine learning. See our plans and contact us here.

These are the technologies we work with most:

Node.js and React

  • Node.js
  • Express.js
  • React
  • Vue.js
  • JavaScript
  • CoffeeScript

Machine Learning

  • Python
  • numpy
  • scikit-learn
  • TensorFlow
  • Flask
  • Keras

Our founder, Ten Mutunhire, a Programming Renegade himself, is also available for keynote speeches and tech speaking engagements. Ten’s areas of focus are tips for improving developer/team productivity and happiness, and other high performance strategies for tech teams. For speaking requests, contact us here

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