Copywriter For Make Money Online Coaches On 5 Strategies For Growing ANY Online Business

Copywriter For Make Money Online Coaches On 5 Strategies For Growing ANY Online Business

Dear Friend, 

Some time ago you might have come across or downloaded my small business growth book: The Small Business 5

In case you need a refresher of the powerful ideas you’ll find there to grow your online business, I thought I’d give you here a quick 2-minute “Cliff Notes” version. 

Some background on the book: The book was inspired by the guys over at My Note Taking Nerd, who sat in on a Dan Kennedy seminar, and as they say, the rest is history! 

Now, on to the 5 powerful secret strategies for growing ANY online business, that you can start using today! 

Strategy 1: Build Your Email List 

Easy even for savvy marketers to overlook in this world of shiny social media fads, building your email list is an investment with a high long term payoff. There’s a popular saying in online marketing circles that “the money is in the list.” Whether you run a make money online coaching business, sell info products, or run a more traditional brick and mortar business with an online component, this is where your attention needs to be: growing and building an engaged email list. It will make launching products and services dead easy, with NO extra marketing spend! 

Strategy 2: Follow Up With Your Leads And Nurture Them 

As with anything in business, the buyers who are ready to buy NOW make up only a tiny proportion of all future buyers. Some estimates put this at just 3%, or possibly less. This means the other 97% of buyers who are going to buy your product are not in the mood to buy NOW. Just because they are not clicking BUY on your sales pages doesn’t mean you need to forget them. You need to set up a proper lead nurturing pipeline, preferably via email, where you can follow up regularly and deliver enormous value, for FREE. Over time, those that will buy, will, and the others on the edge might step up and become customers as well! 

Strategy 3: Instantly Follow Up With New Customers 

When a customer buys from you, is that the last they ever hear from you? Used car salesmen are notorious for this. You walk into the lot, they treat you like royalty. You take the thing for a test drive, then sign over a check, they wave you goodbye as you drive off. And that’s the last you ever hear from them! They lose themselves the chance to build a real buyer relationship by failing to follow up to see how you’re getting on with your new purchase. Follow up with customers instantly and regularly, and you can build customer relationships for life! 

Strategy 4: Reactivate Lost Customers 

Life is unpredictable. Despite your best efforts, your online business will still lose some customers over the long haul. Rather than accept this as fate, you can rekindle the profitability of your business by reactivating old, inactive, customer accounts. If you’ve seen LinkedIn or Google offer you a free advertising credit to get you advertising on their platform again, this is the playbook in action. Send your old customers an offer they can’t refuse, and get them doing business with you again! 

Strategy 5: Follow Up With Referrals 

Following up with referrals is crucial because it cashes in the goodwill that your existing customers have for you that gets them to refer you to their friends. Don’t squander the opportunity by failing to follow up. If you get emails, send these new prospects a personalized email with a special offer for first time only customers. And because you come with the recommendation of someone they know, it should be much easier to gain the trust, and business, of these referred leads! 

There you have it: a powerful 5-step system that can transform a borderline unprofitable online business and turn it into a profit machine! 

This year has been tremendous for me because I’m actively putting this sytem into place in my own business: from building up my email list to putting in place solid systems for follow up.

This is really purposeful stuff that will transform your business life. 

Okay, enough yakking about my business. 

Go and do! 

Sincerely, Ten

P.S. You can probably still download the book for FREE right here to get the full version. Grab it now before I take it down from the link.

P.P.S In case you need to drum up some extra cash quick in your online business, here’s a great FREE workshop on Emergency Money moves you can make right now to bring in the dough!

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